Our Mission


“To assist holistic development of communities, resulting in equipped and empowered people for improved quality of life.”


God working in us and through us to transform beliefs and change behavior so that his peace, justice, compassion, and righteousness are reflected in the life of the communities we serve.

*Holistic refers to the transformation of lives and communities that is as deep as the human heart, and as broad as the whole range of human experience in the world God made. This involves physical, emotional, social and spiritual areas that make up the whole person.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Financial: enhanced and direct economic impact in the lives of our client communities.
  2. Social and Environment: marked community improvement in areas of individual and family life, environmental conservation and biodiversity.
  3. Spiritual: deliberate evangelization, equipping and mobilization of saints within the client communities towards reaching their own people group for Christ.

Local people do it for themselves by:
  • Choosing their own people to be in charge
  • Choosing their own priorities of what to change
  • Choosing their own people to be trained to teach house to house
  • Finding their own resources, and
  • Accomplishing their own goals when and where they choose.
  • Local people own and manage their own plans. We just teach their teachers.