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Solar Electrification

Marilog Cluster 5&7 Woman's Solar Association:

Well of Life Community Development, Inc. began organizing the woman’s association in October

2011 and after a general consultation of the community they expressed their biggest felt need was for solar electrification as their current practices were dangerous to their families health & safety and not sustainable or renewable energy. Well of Life consulted AMORE - Alliance for Mindanao Off-Grid Rural Electrification an NGO funded by USAID, other companies and agencies and they’ve been involved in Solar projects for 9 years. 

AMORE assisted the Association by donating (126) personal home solar units to the members and (2) solar lantern charging systems with (40) lanterns for rental. The cost of the units are paid back in full by monthly payments.The system with AMORE was the most effective as the units were given on capacity to pay basis, meaning they did not receive units where their monthly payments would be more than their

current expenditures for electrification. Since the units were given as a donation to the association they

were given to the members on an extended period of payback so the monthly payments didn’t become a

financial burden to their family as they has 8-22 months to pay depending on the price of unit.

Now CARD Business Development Services Foundation Inc. has begun to provide solar units so the

association is able to mark up the units and make a profit but the only drawback is that they have only 6

months to pay and the payments are large some as much as $100 a month. It’s the hopes of the

association to be able to receive more donations and grants for the sustainability of the association

and so they can go back to a longer payback scheme allowing more members to avail of the solar units.

Solar: Solar electrification is a safe and sustainable solution to the lighting needs of the community and can be implemented on a household level. It is a wiser alternative to commonly used kerosene lamp as these lamps are said to have the equivalency of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes, which is a less efficient and more expensive light source, and a perennial health and fire hazard. Solar lamps increase the effective working hours for income generating activities and allow students to do school work thus improving literacy and education of communities.

There is a need for more solar projects in these and other communities and a unit can be purchased for $150, give the gift of light to a family who cannot afford this privilege today!